OpenAI CLIP model deployment for zero-shot learning on Android devices. TL DR: the app is here, feel free to experiment with it!

What is CLIP and why it is interesting?

This January, a big breakthrough has been done into the field of image processing — OpenAI has presented a new neural network generator Dall-E, which can generate an image based on a textual description. Despite its name, OpenAI has not made it opensource. Nevertheless, I was very interested in one…

A tensorflow implementation of DenseNet architecture for video conversion: from idea to cloud implementation

Several months ago I was talking with my close friend into the bar about the direction of new hype technologies, such as VR or modern neural networks, thinking about more and less evident applications. Suddenly a thought appears in my mind: Is it possible to combine VR with Convolutional neural…

Neural network for real-time superresolution

Real-time superresolution (RTSR) neural network for game graphics enhancement (Nvidia GPU-only)

In the 90s, when I was a kid, I loved playing video games on my PC. In Russia, PCs were not very abundant at that time, so my first gaming station was ZS Spectrum with games on tapes. The…

Alexander Kharin

Finished Material science department in Moscow State University (Russia), PhD in chemistry (Lyon 1 university, France). Data Science enthusiast

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